V&A announces Metzger+Willard, Inc. Acquisition

V&A Consulting Engineers (V&A) further demonstrates their commitment to supporting the infrastructure needs of Florida municipalities with the acquisition of civil and environmental engineering, Tampa-based firm, Metzger+Williard, Inc. (MWI).

“There are key similarities between V&A Consulting Engineers and Metzger+Willard, Inc. such as complementary service offerings, cultural harmony, and the geography of our firms that supports our having shared goals and growth opportunities,” said Debra Kaye, P.E. President and CEO of V&A Consulting Engineers. “We are excited to continue our investment in supporting the water, wastewater, and transit providers in Florida. The acquisition of Metzer+Williard, Inc. is a win-win-win for our firms, our customers, and the communities we support.”

Municipalities, large construction, and rehabilitation firms can now access a full suite of infrastructure support services in one engineering powerhouse. The firms bring clients nearly 90 years of combined expertise in water and wastewater. Each team is excited to bring together similar cultures, being women-owned small engineering firms, and anticipate being even more impactful together.

“From the time I first met Debra and learned about the capabilities of V&A, I knew that joining our firms would be beneficial to our companies, our employees, and the engineering community. As woman owners, we share a special bond” shared Nancy Metzger, owner Metzger+ Willard, Inc.

Metzger+Williard, Inc. founder, Dan Willard, echoed high praise for the collaboration.

“I am extremely pleased to see Nancy and Debra joining forces.  This is a move that will benefit both firms, the employees, and the engineering community. The two firms seem to have compatible cultures and similar histories, and they offer complementary services.  Together, they will be a stronger organization.  With the realization of the nation’s needs for infrastructure rehabilitation and improvement, the firm is positioned to succeed and thrive well into the future” said Dan Willard, Metzger+Willard, Inc. founder.

Population growth, water demand, aging infrastructure, extreme weather, and treatment requirements are putting increased pressure on local government and municipalities to meet the needs of Florida communities. The pressure on coastal communities has the added risk of sea rise. Metzger+Willard, Inc. has been a quality resource for engineering services that support the water and wastewater community in the Florida area.

“V&A Consulting Engineers Inc. (Oakland, CA.) is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Metzger + Willard, Inc. The two firms will now bring a staff of over sixty to the marketplace. I am incredibly pleased with the challenging work that Debra Kaye, P.E, President of V&A, and Nancy Metzger, P.E., President of Metzger + Willard have done to complete this transaction. The two companies share a remarkably similar culture, and the two companies will be able to assist each other in growing the new business. The technical disciplines and expertise of both firms are very complimentary and will give tremendous opportunities for the team members to continue their professional development. I am committed to assisting the new entity, Debra and Nancy in any way I can to further their continued growth” said Jose Villalobos, P.E., V&A Founder.

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