Pipe Thickness Testing



Pipe Thickness Testing


Metzger + Willard, Inc. (MWI) offers pipe thickness testing using non-destructive ultrasonic equipment. Pulse waves are applied using a digital transducer and flight time features of the waves are measured. The resulting field data can identify internal material discontinuities and material thickness of pipe walls or tanks, linings and coatings. MWI has conducted testing for several clients to assess the condition of ductile iron force mains.

Benefits of Thickness Testing include:

  • Non-destructive technique keeping pipe wall, tank, lining or coating intact
  •  Low cost method for identifying internal corrosion
  • Yields data which can be used to appropriately plan for replacement or repairs

Olympus 38 DL PLUS Ultra Sonic Thickness Gage

 Testing a 6” DIP using the Olympus 38DL Plus with Olympus Transducer

 Testing a 6” DIP using the Olympus 38DL Plus