There is no more valuable public service rendered than providing a high quality, plentiful, potable water supply. To ensure that high quality, standards and adequate supplies are met requires close attention to the design and maintenance of treatment, transmission and distribution facilities.

Lithia WTP Additional Pumping and Emergency Generator

Metzger + Willard, Inc. (MWI) contracted with Mustang Tampa, Inc. as a team partner to assist with design and construction services for the Lithia WTP Pumping, Storage and Emergency Generator Project. The project provides for an increase in potable water pumping capacity and reliability in the South-Central Service Area of Hillsborough County including increasing the pumping capacity by 25 million gallons per day (MGD) to a total flow rate of 92.2 MGD and expanding the availability of emergency diesel-generator power. The project also includes adding an additional 5.0 MG ground storage reservoir to increase the facility’s total storage capacity. MWI responsibilities for the project included design of the 5.0 MG storage tank, all yard piping, valving and tank connections; survey; the civil site design including paving, grading and drainage; all permitting; resident inspection; and construction phase services support. Permits required for the facility included SWFWMD ERP Modification, Hillsborough County Planning and Growth Management Site development permits, FDEP Modification of a Drinking Water Facility, FDEP Construction of a Fuel Storage Tank, and a Gopher Tortoise Relocation Permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The FDEP permit for modification of a drinking water facility included application to rerate the facility capacity.