There is no more valuable public service rendered than providing a high quality, plentiful, potable water supply. To ensure that quality, standards and supply needs are met requires close attention to the design and maintenance of treatment, transmission, and distribution facilities. Metzger + Willard, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering services related to the supply, storage, pumping, and delivery of potable water. These services range from water system planning, feasibility studies, and route studies, to forensic investigation, design, hydraulic modeling, permitting, and operations support.


Lithia WTP Additional Pumping and Emergency Generator
Discharge piping for new pumps that expanded
capacity and reliability
South Central Water Transmission Main
Microtunneling operation for 42-inch water main under I-75 in Brandon
Fire Protection Improvement
Original Carrollwood Area – Stringing PVC pipe to prepare for directional drill water main installation, which reduces area impacts
Fire Protection Improvement
Sampling at new potable water service line prior to placing a new system in service
Fire Protection Improvement
Installation of new fire hydrant, in accordance with
client standards
Sun City MHP Water Main
Encasing 8-inch ductile iron water main in polyethylene sleeve for corrosion prevention
East Shore Transmission Main
Placing 36-inch ductile iron potable water main in
Lithia WTP H2S Conversion
Developed the Flow Diagram for new treatment process at Lithia Water Treatment Plant to reflect modifications in the chemical feed systems
Peace River WTP Expansion
Placing 64-inch ductile iron water main in trench adjacent to Kings Highway
South Central Hillsborough Infrastructure Improvement Project
Fusing section of HDPE in preparation of horizontal directional drill for 30-inch water main in a mainly residential area