Properly treated wastewater and its appropriate discharge or reuse is vital for preventing disease and protecting the environment. The collection and transmission of wastewater for delivery to treatment facilities is the first step in the process. Metzger + Willard, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering services for all aspects of wastewater facility planning, design, construction management, and operations.


OUA WWTP Expansion (1.0 to 3.0 mgd)
Construction of a new effluent filtration system, prior
to effluent reuse and deep well injection for the Okeechobee Utility Authority WWTP Expansion
Nature’s Way Pump Station
Installation of a new 24-inch PVC force main to connect a major regional pump station with the area manifold force main system
Woodberry 24-inch Force Main
Construction crew using torque wrenches to install restraints on new force main
Falkenburg AWTP Pump Replacement
Contractor placing concrete in pump pedestal used to support high flow / low head pumps for effluent transfer
Miller Mac Road Pump Station
Pump station discharge header and emergency
pump at a regional pump station
Cemetery Rd. WWTP Expansion (0.6 to 1.0 mgd)
Construction of a new treatment facility to replace contact stabilization system with a new, more operator–friendly treatment process
UV Disinfection Study
Clearwell Influent at Falkenburg AWTP (sample
collection point) during the evaluation of UV for disinfection at HCPUD facilities
Madeira Beach Pump Station 189 Upgrade
Work included new pumps, controls, corrosion protection, building modification and generator
Sunshine WWTP Expansion
Construction of regional WWTP expansion from 0.15
to 1.0 mgd, including reuse system
Largo South Influent Pump Station Evaluation
Evaluation and recommendations for improvements to a master pump station with new pumps and controls