One of the essential public services, necessary for the public health is the collection and transmission of wastewater to treatment facilities. Typically this requires a system of gravity sewer lines, and wastewater pumping stations. Metzger & Willard. Inc., has extensive experience in providing engineering for these types of projects.

OUA WWTP Expansion – Design

The OUA contracted with Metzger + Willard, Inc. to expand their existing WWTP and Effluent Disposal System to 3.0 MGD. The expansion includes incorporating existing facilities into the treatment train. New components include headworks with screening, grit removal and flow metering; master pump station; an anaerobic basin for phosphorus removal; a new aeration basin using the ORBAL oxidation ditch process; an anoxic zone/re-aeration basin for nitrogen reduction; automatic backwash filters; and disinfection capacity. The project also includes a new residuals management facility using a centrifuge for dewatering and a solar drying system for processing. The work also includes the expansion of the on-site effluent disposal system. Services included the development of an extensive preliminary engineering report. Construction cost is estimated at $23,000,000.