Florida receives in excess of 50 inches of rain in an average year, over half of which occurs during a four-month period in the summer. Dealing with the runoff in an environmentally sound manner, while minimizing property damage and retaining or detaining this water for beneficial uses, requires a level of sophistication that includes computer modeling, planning, design and permitting. Typically, this is a major requirement in any paving and development project. Retrofitting and remedial work is also frequently called for to correct the problems of the past, resulting from a lack of planning or recognition of the impacts of rapid growth and development. We are well versed in addressing all the aspects of this issue – planning, design, permitting, mitigation and remedial work.


Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility
Grading for stormwater system adjacent to reclaimed water tanks
Warren Avenue Drainage Improvements
Mitigation of flooding requiring new ditches, swales, stormwater structures, and curbing within a predominantly residential area
Tampa Bay Water Repump Station Drainage Improvements
Regrading of swales and replacement and adjustment
of drainage structures to alleviate flooding in the area
of the electrical building
Hillsborough County Bio Solids Facility
Construction of drainage and pavement infrastructure adjacent to wetland to improve trucking facility drainage
Alafia & Hannaway Drainage Improvements
Preliminary design and modeling to mitigate existing flooding
Lithia Water Treatment Plant Investigation of Flooding
Construction of new berms and swales to control 17 acres of new commercial area discharging to site
Lake Carroll Pipe Rehabilitation
Investigation and design of improvements for
drainage problems on Lake Carroll Drive
Tampa Bay Water Drainage Improvements
Regrading and design of new ditches and structures to mitigate flooding problems