Florida receives in excess of 50 inches of rain in an average year, over half of which occurs during a four month period in the summer. To deal with the run off in an environmentally sound manner, while minimizing property damage and retaining or detaining this water for beneficial uses, requires a level of sophistication that includes computer modeling, planning, design and permitting. Typically, this is a major requirement in any paving and development project. Retrofitting and remedial work is also frequently called for to correct the problems of the past, resulting from a lack of planning or recognition of the impacts of rapid growth and development. We are well versed in addressing all the aspects of this issue – planning, design, permitting, mitigation and remedial work.

Cypress Creek Wellfield

Metzger + Willard, Inc. was contracted by Reynolds, Smith and Hills to provide surveying services to support a wetland inventory of the Cypress Creek Wellfield for Tampa Bay Water. The Wellfield was designated by Tampa Bay Water as a Phase I Mitigation Program project and was a multi-objective wetland restoration and surface water management project. The objective of the project was to modify surface water drainage patterns and improve wetland hydrology. Survey was required to establish existing topographic indicator locations. Metzger + Willard, Inc. provided surveying services for approximately 23,000 linear feet of topography, 9,240 linear feet of wetland line location, and 50 hydrologic indicator locations. The horizontal and vertical control survey was conducted in State Plane Coordinates (NAD 1983) with NGVD 1929 elevations. Deliverables included field notes and survey data recorder files.