Florida’s rapid population growth, much of which has occurred in areas where fresh water supplies are critical, has led to numerous concerns about the continued availability of the ground water supplies. It is well recognized throughout the state, that it is essential to do our utmost to expand water conservation programs and make all reasonable efforts to re-use this valuable resource.

South County Reclaimed Water Pump Station replacement

To provide for expanded reclaimed water service capacity in the South County Service Area, Hillsborough County planned the replacement/expansion of a reclaimed water pumping facility located at the South County Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant site. MWI was contracted by the County to provide preliminary design, survey, geotechnical, design, permitting and construction phase services. The pump station was designed with a capacity to accommodate a total AADF (average annual daily flow) reclaimed water demand of 6,300 gallons per minute (GPM). Five horizontal split case pumps were used including three 150 horse power (HP) pumps at 2,100 GPM each, one 150 HP spare at 2,100 GPM, and one 75 hp jockey pump at 1,050 GPM. The design also included replacement of existing flow meter assembly, site improvements (including an access road), construction of a new electrical building, and SCADA equipment for remote monitoring and control of the station, and stormwater system improvements including retention/detention ponds.