Reclaimed Water


Florida’s rapid population growth, much of which has occurred in areas where fresh water supplies are critical, has led to numerous concerns about the continued availability of the ground water supplies. It is well recognized throughout the state, that it is essential to do our utmost to expand water conservation programs and make all reasonable efforts to re-use this valuable resource. Metzger + Willard, Inc. provides engineering services in support of the development and distribution of reclaimed water including planning, design, hydraulic analysis, permitting, construction management, and operational support.


SCBWRF Large Reclaimed Valve Installation
Installation of several large diameter electronically-operated valves to control reclaimed water flow in
the distribution system
Lithia Pinecrest RW Transmission Main
Reclaimed water main attached to a bridge over the Alafia River
Lithia RW Storage/Pumping
Construction of a reclaimed water pumping station facility which delivers reclaimed water to the area distribution system
Lithia RW Storage/Pumping
Construction of a 5-MG storage tank for reclaimed water storage prior to delivery to the distribution system
Carrollwood/Dale Mabry RWPS Replacement
Construction of an expanded pump station for distribution of reclaimed water, where visual, noise,
and vibration impacts were considered in design
South County RW Pump Station Replacement
Design and construction of a new reclaimed water pumping facility replacing an outdated and inefficient station
Valrico AWTP Expansion w/UV Disinfection
Installation of discharge piping for Valrico Reclaimed Water Pumping Station, which included a new pump station and instrumentation
Cheval East RWIU Distribution System
Installation of a bi-directional venturi meter for reclaimed water flow measurement for residential and golf course customers