The “greening” of public opinion has brought a heightened awareness of environmental impacts and liabilities. Businesses and local governments have found themselves coping with a growing maze of environmental issues and questions of how to bring their facilities into compliance with new, more stringent regulations. Buyers and lenders are becoming more aware of liabilities incurred as a result of property transactions. We offer various services dealing with environmental audits, regulatory compliance planning, remediation design, environmental site assessments and other engineering design and construction monitoring services.

Northwest Sludge Processing Facility

Metzger + Willard, Inc. is subcontracted to Montgomery Watson Harza to provide design and construction service for the Hillsborough County Northwest Class ‘A’ Sludge Processing Facility. This project includes the installation of thermal dryers which will process sludge (residuals) from all of the County’s wastewater treatment plants.

Metzger + Willard, Inc. provided survey services for the 13-acre Northwest Regional Sludge Management Facility. Cross sections were collected at 50 feet intervals with all visible at grade utility components, utility paint marks, pavement, curbing, sidewalks, driveways, ditches, fence lines, structures, and other pertinent features. The horizontal and vertical control survey was conducted in State Plane Coordinates (NAD 1983) with NGVD 1929 elevations. Project deliverables also included a nearly 10,000 linear foot Hillsborough County EPC Wetland Line Survey comprising 27.27 acres of wetlands on the 87.25 acre project site.

Metzger + Willard, Inc. is also providing civil site design, drainage system design, assistance with rezoning, environmental permitting, and construction phase services. The construction cost is estimated at $30,000,000.